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Regiones Membri Superioris.jpg - nov 22, 2004
Image: Regiones membri superioris
1 - Regio deltoidea,
2 - Regio brachialis anterior,
3 - Regio cubitalis anterior,
4 - Regio antebrachialis anterior,
5 - Regio antebrachialis posterior,
6 - Regio carpalis anterior et posterior,
7 - Dorsum manus,
8 - Digiti, in this illustration pointing at Digitus secundus= Index

The regions of the arm (Regiones membri superioris) can be described by following the muscles and by viewing the arm in its natural position:
Regio deltoidea (located above the Musculus deltoideus; origin at Scapula and Clavicula; insertion at Humerus) is followed downwards by Regio brachialis anterior and posterior (Brachium= the upper arm, anterior= frontal part, posterior= back part) and Regio cubitalis anterior and posterior (Cubitus= the elbow area) above the elbow joint (Articulatio cubiti). The forearm region (Regio antebrachialis anterior and posterior) ends at the area above the wrist (Carpus; Regio carpalis anterior and posterior). The hand (Manus) can be divided into a frontal (palm) and a back part (Palma and Dorsum manus). It can be further divided into a Thenar (the ball of the thumb), a Hypothenar (the ball of the last finger), a Metacarpus area (above the metacarpal bones), and the fingers (Digiti: I- Pollex, II- Index, III- Digitus medius, IV- Digitus anularis, and V- Digitus minimus).
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