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  Head and the Neck  (4 Slides)     [Page 1 of 1] :: Jump To  
Regiones Capitis * Regiones capitis
1 - Regio frontalis,
2 - 
Regio orbitalis,
3 - Regio nasalis,
4 - Regio infraorbitalis,

5 - Regio oralis,
6 - Regio mentalis ,

7 - Regio buccalis,
8 - Regio zygomatica,
9 - Regio temporalis,
Regio parietalis,
11- Regio occipitalis
The regions of the head (Regiones capitis) are Regio facialis (facial), Regio frontalis (forehead), Regio parietalis (the area above the parietal bone), Regio temporalis (the area above the temporal bone) and Regio occipitalis (the area above the occipital bone). 
Regio facialis is further divided into Regio orbitalis (the area above the bones of the eye socket), Regio nasalis (nose), Regio oralis (mouth), Regio buccalis (cheek), Regio zygomatica (the area above the cheekbone), Regio infraorbitalis (the area under the eye socket) and Regio mentalis (chin).
Regiones Colli * Regiones Colli
1 - Regio sternocleidomastoidea, 
2 - Trigonum submentale, 
3 - Trigonum musculare,
4 - Trigonum submandibulare,
5 - Trigonum caroticum,
6 - Regio cervicalis lateralis.
The regions of the neck (Regiones cervicales) can be described by finding the Regio sternocleidomastoidea, above the muscle of the same name (Musculus sternocleidomastoideus; origin in the upper part of the sternoclavicular joint; insertion at the Processus mastoideus of the skull base). The muscle and the corresponding Regio divide the neck into central neck regions and side regions (Regiones cervicales laterales), with a fluent transition into the back region of the neck (Regio cervicalis posterior; syn.: Regio nuchalis) over the Musculus trapezius.
The central neck regions are the following: Trigonum submentale (submental triangle) is located between the chin (Regio mentalis), Os hyoideum, between the frontal part of the digastric muscle (Venter anterior M. digastrici; origin on the inner side of Processus mastoideus of the skull base; insertion at the inner side of Mandibula= jaw bone), and the middle axis of the neck. The Trigonum musculare (muscular triangle) is located directly under the Trigonum submentale, marked by the middle axe of the neck, the lower parts of Musculus sternocleidomastoideus and Musculus omohyoideus (origin at the upper part of the shoulder blade= Scapula; insertion at Os hyoideum). The Trigonum submandibulare is located between Musculus digastricus and the area above the Mandibula (jaw bone). Trigonum caroticum is located between the back part of Musculus digastricus, M. sternocleidomastoideus and the upper part of M. omohyoideus.
Skull and Brain 2 * Skull and the Brain
This sagittal cut through the head presents the tissues which surround and protect the central nervous system.
Skull and Brain * Skull and the Brain
This image presents the protective layers of the brain. The upper parts of the skull, termed the neurocranium, encaplsulate the brain and protect it. Additionaly, the brain
  Regiones Capitis  
  Regiones Colli  
  Skull and Brain 2  
  Skull and Brain  
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