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Regiones Pectorales * Regiones Pectorales
1 - Regio pectoralis,
2 - Regio praesternalis,
3 - Trigonum clavipectorale,
4 - Regio axillaris.
The regions of the chest (Regiones pectorales of the Thorax) are marked by the following borders:
The upper border is formed by the Clavicula (collarbone), the Regio deltoidea above the Musculus deltoideus (the side border), and the Arcus costalis (the curve of the lowest ribs) at the bottom. Due to the different sexual characteristics, the regions of the chest are different in females and males.

Regio praesternalis above the Sternum (breastbone) exists in both female and male individuals. Regio pectoralis is located on both sides of this area, marked by the Musculus pectoralis major (large breast muscle; origin at Clavicula, sides of Sternum and the first 4-6 ribs; insertion at the upper part of Humerus= upper arm). To the side of this region, there is the area of the armpit (Regio axillaris), located between the Regio pectoralis and the upper arm.
Trigonum clavipectorale is a triangular area, marked by Regio deltoidea (Area above the Musculus deltoideus; origin at Scapula and Clavicula; insertion at Humerus), Regio pectoralis and Clavicula. 
Female individuals have a Regio mammaria above the lower parts of Regio pectoralis, marked by the breast borders. 
The back of the Thorax is divided into three regions, a Regio vertebralis above the spinal column (Columna vertebralis), Regio scapularis above the Scapula, and Regio subscapularis between Regio scapularis, vertebralis and the last ribs.
  Regiones Pectorales  
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